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Ice Breaker Questions For Virtual Meetings & Team Building

The primary role of ice-breakers is to build relationships, and the best ones start from our stories. Speed networking is a great icebreaker to encourage employees to get to know each other and foster friendships in the workplace. This icebreaker is all about creating serendipitous connections, which can prove moderately challenging in a virtual environment. Using a virtual workplace platform, team members get paired with a colleague on a video call within a limited amount of time. In this icebreaker, ask everyone in your team to post a photo in your office communication channel or board.

Studies have proven that production rates increase when employees are engaged and feel that they matter. Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to engage your team is through quick exercises like Icebreakers. Your team is likely already feeling a little burnt out by now. Working from home during a pandemic is tough and you don’t want to overwhelm your team with activities, even if they are meant to be fun. This activity gives each of your team members 5 minutes to come up with an outlandish movie idea.

People Also Ask These Questions About Icebreaker Games

It could be a pen, a paperweight, the clock on the wall, a shoe—anything everyone can see. After selecting their object, tell participants that they must now give a 30-second presentation on why the object they’ve selected is the most valuable object on Earth . You can use any color or material, e.g., “Bring something metallic! Forced to think quickly, your participants will refresh their minds after a long session and will be able to learn something about other audience members. If no one guesses the right person, the original owner is the winner. This game is best to learn about each other’s hobbies, interests, and similar activities. According to Psychological Journal, there is nothing wrong with feeling scared to communicate with new people.

This can really add to the intimacy factor you’re your large team might be missing when working from home. Choose to present the voting results as a percentage of total answers in a bar, doughnut or pie chart format.

Top Virtual Team Icebreakers For Remote Meetings

Mingle around the virtual water cooler to discuss the latest news. You’ll quickly find teammates with similar guilty pleasures to debrief with.

Effective Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings

With many employees working remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever for us to foster that sense of community through team building. This in turn can strengthen relationships and boost engagement by as much as 50%. The possibilities are ENDLESS, thank goodness, because so are the virtual meetings. One way to create a team remotely is to do fun and engaging activities together. By giving your remote workers time to connect with each other you create organic opportunities to build meaningful relationships. Spend QTT together, which stands for Quality Team Time. If all your remote colleagues do together is work projects, then that is all they are going to know they have in common.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas, Games & Activities

Depending on how big your meeting room is, this might be an absurd assignment, but that just makes it a better ice breaker. Circle back to attendees who manage to answer with a straight face and see if you can wear them down until just one person is left. Alternatively, declare anyone left after three rounds a winner! You can also replace “my smelly boot” with an office in-joke, like “call the copier repair service” or “you’re on mute”. Though often confused with ice-breakers, energizers generally refer to simple activities that can help increase participants’ alertness. Some energizers can also work as ice-breakers and make interactions with new people easier. Interactions with fellow team members can be awkward, especially for new recruits.

When facilitating introductions or breaking the ice initially in a meeting, help participants get to know each other by sharing a brief fun fact or a funny story. You can also ask your virtual participants to share an embarrassing story. Researchers have discovered that an embarrassing story would help people drop their inhibitions and become more creative.

  • Create a bunch of activities or questions for your team and assign them to a spinning wheel.
  • Group challenges bring employees together and help them connect with shared goals.
  • This game allows your team members to gain a new perspective on their peers, and it’s also a fun and easy way to get an interesting conversation started.
  • Once you get all of your videos, combine them and add some effects to create a team movie.
  • Your virtual book club can be whatever you want it to be.

If you want to be more inclusive of the team’s efforts, you can up the number of answers that each member gives. Upping the requirement to 5 answer entries means that members can mention who’s nailed it from each department of the company. How about a quick bit of trivia to get those neurons firing before your meeting? A live quiz is possibly the best way to get all of your participants engaged and laughing in a way that the 40th Zoom meeting this month simply can’t on its own. These slides have an answer maximum of 500 characters, so you can be sure that the activity won’t run on forever because Janice from marketing has lived a life of regret. You can reveal your open-ended slides one-by-one for this ice breaker.

Getting team members better acquainted and building a strong company culture has been key to our success. This is also a fun game for teams that have recently started working together online. It’s a great way to get team members to open up by asking them fun questions that break the ice. In an office setting, even the introverts may participate because of the sheer pressure of physical presence.

The quiet mouse and the loudmouth both have equal say in a quiz, and may even be working together on the same team. Submission – Everyone submits one answers to your question. In this one, you can ask each member of the team what they would take to a desert island. Afterwards, everyone anonymously votes for their favourite answer.

Bonus #8 The Artsy Icebreaker

Ice breaker questions energize, motivate and engage any team no matter what their background is. The answer is only revealed at the end of the time limit or if everyone has guessed the word. The person that guesses first will get the highest amount of points and the slowest person will get the least. The drawer also gets points based on how guessable their drawing was. One at a time, someone chooses a word and then draws it on the screen whilst everyone else tries to guess it in the chat window .

  • By creating your own team song, you can help your employees connect about their shared experiences and values in a fun way.
  • To get started, pick a genre for your book club to focus on, or ask your employees to vote on a genre.
  • (We doubt this will be a problem.) Send everyone a link to a personality quiz you think they would like.
  • All you have to do is invite everyone to a virtual lunch meeting.

Don’t miss out on the best tips on employee engagement and company culture. Donut is an easy way to help your employees connect with each other and support virtual coffee breaks. Donut can introduce your employees to someone they haven’t met and allows them to choose how frequently they’d like to meet someone new.

Lets Break The Ice

At the end of the year, you use the responses to find common themes and create your own culture book. Leverage TINYpulse surveys to ask your employees to respond to daily prompts about your culture and values, and how the work your employees do every day align with each.

You can meet afterward to discuss what was surprising, key messages, and more. To make it even more fun, you could ask your employees to dress up as a character from the movie and share why they choose that character. Whether your members are solving mysteries or learning new leadership skills, they will feel more connected as a team and be able to spend a little downtime reading. About two weeks before your cultural celebration week begins, ask employees to share the favorite recipes they grew up with. From Grandma’s meatball soup to Rasam , you’ll be amazed at the diversity in recipes that your employees will share.

Effective Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings

We’ve learned that even the most hesitant virtual meeting participant is likely to discover that once they join in on the fun, the event is far better than they expected. The Social Photo Wall is a great jumping-off point for a variety of icebreaker topics – so you can get as creative as you’d like! Attendees can share their favorite funny video of the week, Effective Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings photos of recent professional accomplishments, or a short blurb describing one of the goals for the year. Because the wall is such a flexible tool, you can utilize it for casual conversation and professional discourse alike. ‘Two Truths and One Lie’ is a common icebreaker that allows people to share topics they wouldn’t otherwise share with coworkers.

Music is a great conversation starter and a great team bonding tool. For this icebreaker activity, ask the team to imagine they’re in a movie. Would it be a rousing number like in Rocky or maybe something more somber? You can use that information throughout the project to, say, play music when a milestone has been completed.

  • It can be something like their favorite color or whether they prefer cats or dogs.
  • Divide your large group into teams of two and set a timer to see which group can work together to make the most progress on their respective puzzles.
  • This duration is great for testing commitment to the book club and deciding whether you should do something larger and longer.
  • I had each team member anonymously write something they’ve done and felt guilty about during the week that they haven’t told anyone.
  • Kanban boards also give managers visibility into the process, so they know who is working on what.

You could change this up monthly or keep the same charity year-round, depending on how close your votes were. Lead by example by inviting an employee or two to chat over coffee. You could also provide small gift cards to the team or send company mugs to those who participate. With your employees working virtually, they are missing out on those essential water-cooler moments and impromptu lunch get-togethers. Once you have everything together, create a virtual map with color-coated pins showing where employees grew up and where they live now.

You may choose from premade games or create your own trivia questions. All you have to do is invite everyone to a virtual lunch meeting. In that meeting, members can talk about their personal life, work-related topics, play games, or make simple small talk.

Think of that enormous wheel on Wheel of Fortune, but one with more options that don’t take a decade to finish a spin. If you don’t use Slack, Quizbreaker is a good alternative to the Icebreakers app. Ready to let off some steam and share some laughs as a team? Show and tell is always a fun way to connect as a team. Start the clock and give each team one minute to draw and solve.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams In 2022

Everyone eats, and most people love eating, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get out of the office in a group setting to learn more about each other. Paint The Town offers fun icebreaker activities and food/drink packages for in-person, remote, or hybrid teams looking to add even more flair and energy to the party. Kick-starting a meeting is never easy but doing so in a fully or partially remote meeting can even trickier. Thankfully though, Mentimeter is here to bring an interactive element to traditional icebreakers. Look through the list and put any of our icebreaker templates to good use in your next meeting.

For this celebration, your employees will have the opportunity to celebrate the diversity in your workplace. Hosting a virtual cultural celebration week can seem challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Virtual Team Building Questions

During the meeting, your facilitators can share responses one-by-one while your employees try to guess whose response it is. If you’re stretched for time, you can use a poll to have employees guess instead of popcorn sharing. Unfortunately, 52% of companies are not conducting any team-building activities with employees who are working remotely.

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